In addition to the below listed enclosures, custom tailored housings can be made on a case by case basis. Contact us for more information.


These boxes are constructed from binders’ board and book cloth and serve the dual purpose of protecting the object while producing an aesthetically pleasing presentation. These are the most intricate book enclosures to construct and are typically reserved for the most precious of items.



An economical alternative to our cloth covered clamshell box, these enclosures are constructed from acid and lignin free, buffered, corrugated board. They provide protection and support for materials that are too fragile to stand on the shelf on their own. Typically, books that are greater than one inch and structurally compromised are appropriate candidates for these boxes.

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These self-closing, four-flap wrappers are a simple way of protecting items that are generally structurally sound but require a housing to prevent further damage while on the shelf. These boxes can be constructed for items of any thickness.



Occasionally a book requires additional protection while on the shelf due to the fragile nature of the binding materials. These book jackets are a quick and easy way to protect a book from additional abrasion while simultaneously allowing its binding to be viewed.